Flash Fiction Contest: Sewing Climax

Spools at Sunset by jypsygen from FlickrShort Version: Write a short story in 750 words or less in which the final climactic scene involves…SEWING!!!! Mail it to thiswhiterabbit@gmail.com. Next Friday-ish a winner will be announced and they will win signed copies of Probability Angels and Persistent Illusions. And if you have a blog or site where you want to post your story, feel free to link to it in the comments.

Longer Version: After discussing my research on Wednesday a conversation started on Twitter with @xperegrine about how, since I had this weird information about threads drying near a fire, I should use that. Actually, not only should I use it, but I should introduce it early, Chekhov’s gun style, and then in Act Three, BAMN!! Sewing climax!!!

I immediately said that was insane. Then it evolved into throwing the idea to you, the reader, and seeing what you could do with it.

So go! Sew! Sew like the wind!!