Sewing Climax Flash Fiction Challenge Winner

Thread by Ei! Kumpel from Flickr

Haha…sometimes I get a kick out of writing headlines that are as confusing as possible at first glance. Probably not the best blogging strategy. Whatever. It’s fun.

So a few weeks ago I issued a flash fiction challenge to write a story with a climactic sewing scene. I’m happy to announce that the winner of this contest is Albert Berg.

A few words about Albert. He is a huge fan of the Matthew and Epp stories and has penned one of my favorite reviews for Probability Angels going.

He’s great fun to follow on Twitter, musing about why doctors insist on showing him pictures of his unborn son’s junk and if a merging of Pandora and Facebook would be possible.

He’s the only other person I know who has read The Wealth of Nations cover to cover simply because he was curious, and he also has a genre-twisting book out there concerning zombies, A Prairie Home Apocalypse or What the Dog Saw.

Basically he’s the kind of author that makes me wish I had a larger audience if only I could funnel more eyeballs his way.

I’m glad he won and his signed books will be on their way momentarily.

His story, Patch Work, is up over at his website.

Go give it a read.