Locked In With Myself

Lock by Digiart2001 from Flickr

Mid-summer is always a hectic time for me where I never seem to be in control of my life. There is a constant deluge of family visiting and with three siblings, seven nieces and nephews, nine cousins, a billion grand nephews or whatever…well I’m not my own man.

This notion all came to a head the other night when, on a rare night off, I found myself locked in my apartment. My doorknob had ceased working. Basically the triangular piece of metal that retracts into the door when the knob is turned refused to budge. When this happens it becomes a shockingly effective lock. I sat at my desk, drinking alone, wanting to go do something else while I listened to the locksmith hammer and drill into my door from the outside for hours.

So I’ve been away. It happens every summer.

But I’ve also been thinking. And writing. But not blogging.

I’ve come up with many thoughts, all of which concern how an author is best to use their web presence between books. I basically have a year, or a year and a half here, where I’m connected to the world but have no product to offer.

I can’t really think of another content creator with a similar situation.

I don’t have any solutions, but I’ve decided to start exploring more in depth what an author in 2012 can do to engage their audience between works. Frankly I don’t think the internet and authors have been combined particularly well at this point.

I think we can do better.

And not “we” as in people in general.

I mean “we” as in me and you.

So the next few weeks will be me pondering this space, what I can offer you besides books, and how to grow my fan base with better a better answer to the question: “What sort of presence should authors have on the internet?”