What I Have To Offer

GiftSo this month, actually this summer, has been a lot of me trying to figure out what to do with this site. When I’m not focused on writing a book I can manage to blog, sort of. And during that time there’s marketing to discuss and new ideas to try out and an audience to find.

All of that tends to be muted while I’m working on a larger project. It’s still there and if some new marketing idea comes along I’ll be sharing, but it’s not where my head is at. My head is in Book 3. So that’s what my brain wants to blog about.

I do think that writing about writing serves a purpose. I would have loved to read more writers discussing their struggles and problems when I was trying to write my first book. That was over ten years ago and, frankly, I still need to read other authors discussing their problems, if only to remind myself that I’m not alone.

However, I don’t think that can sustain a blog over a long period of time. I mean, the weird fact is that writing a book comes down to a  lot of me not knowing what’s going on, and then suddenly me knowing what’s going on. That’s it.

Imagine watching someone solve a riddle. It’s fun if you can see the riddle and solve along with them. But to do that I’d have to write: “Currently I’m struggling with how to write Mary dealing the loss of her childhood while organizing the anti-zombie raid in blah blah blah.” And if I did that then you’d be getting the story in a crappy, diluted, unpolished, BLECH form. No way I’m doing that. I hate spoilers. And that’s like…spoilers with cancer.

Thus, I wouldn’t be able to illuminate the problem I’m grappling with in any detail. So imagine watching someone solve a riddle that you can’t see. Or, better yet, imagine watching your favorite game show only you can’t see any of the questions, puzzles, obstacles, etc. Not very entertaining is it? It’s just a shot of some person’s face changing expression as they yell out meaningless words. Not exactly riveting blog material.

So what do I have to offer here? I’ve got:

  1. Humor – the occasional humorous post about Daylight Savings Time or Hangovers or Exotic Bird Stores.
  2. Photography – Photography is still my biggest hobby and one that feels very natural to share. And I’m starting to think about it on a more than “point and shoot” level again. I’m not saying I’m Ansel Adams, but I have my moments and taking photos is something I’m going to be doing anyway so why not share? Remember the point is to figure out how to best use this site when I’m writing a book and don’t want to talk about it. Except I tend to do my sharing already on Tumblr. So…yeah.
  3. Marketing Thoughts – I’m still marketing and I’m still searching for my audience and I’m still trying to find other authors taking this same route…I’d rather like to pool thoughts and results. I think this could be a good space for that.
  4. Writing Thoughts – Yes, I just said that these are boring. But I meant boring all the time. The occasional insight or update seems likely.
  5. ???

Can a web presence be based on the fairly random and unconnected items above?

Yes. Probably. There’s a site where people take pictures of cats and add text to make it seem like the cats are asking for cheeseburgers. And it’s like the most popular site on the web. Anything is possible here.

Can I make a web presence based on all of this?

I dunno.