New York Comic Con and Me

So last weekend was the New York Comic Convention. And as I’ve mentioned I decided to attend this year. I brought my camera and this probably makes more sense if I just talk you through some photos…all classy like.

We begin our journey with the beautiful walk up to the Jacob Javits Center here in Manhattan.

Jesus. This is a freaking embarrassment. I’m sorry, all convention goers, who have had to trek out to this place to see their friends and colleagues. I mean come on, New York.

I’m not saying a city shouldn’t have local color and everything.

I’m just saying that maybe this isn’t what we, as a city, want leading up to our convention center.

No? Yes?

I dunno whatever.

So then it was inside the Javits Center to wait online!

Here is room for more lines:

This line was to be the first ones onto the showroom floor Thursday afternoon. I could have showed up an hour later and just walked in with minimal lines. I recommend doing that.

This guy had a New York Furies shirt on. Which is awesome. That’s one of the gangs from The Warriors.

Frankly, the whole convention was awesome. There’s fun stuff and people having a blast everywhere.

There were great t-shirts.

These stickers were cool. I don’t even know what half of them are but I suddenly wished I had a place to put stickers.

There are crowds, too. Here’s the entrance hall Friday afternoon.

Obviously a large number of people were kicking costumes. This was great but also annoying because I’m SO not used to photographing people directly. I usually take candid shots, including people without them knowing it, or I take pictures of my nieces and nephews. I wish I had more practice calling out to adult humans and telling them I wanted their picture. That’s not something I really had the hang of.

Still, I got a few pics.

Ghostbusters were everywhere…with Bane in this instance for some reason.

Here’s some Minecraft humor.

This is all in the vendor hall. I mentioned loving some of the t-shirts earlier. Some t-shirts, though, seemed…out of place?

And some booths seemed out of place. Like the ones that sold weapons. Maybe this is normal. I have no idea.

Here’s Artist Alley.

I took this on my way out on the first day, thinking that I’d have plenty of time to swing by. But I never did. Oh, the folly of youth. Time flew and I kept getting swept up in other stuff and I never got to check this out.

The entrance hall was a big hangout and, because of the open space, seemed to be one of the better spots to show off one’s costume.

This pic was fun…because even superheroes need shoe shines.

Here’s someone’s back that was standing near the shoeshine stand.

Great get up.

It took me awhile to figure out the layout of the Javits Center in relation to the convention. Downstairs, where I had waited in line, transformed into a whole other thing later on, part of which was a Quidditch field.

That seemed a bit much even for me. But they were having fun, so, whatever.

On Sunday the place was packed and they stopped letting people in for a bit so a crowd built up outside. That was not so awesome.

They had the Winnebago from The Walking Dead there…

And they had a fake Dale to sit look-out…

And actors wandering around dressed as zombies…at least I think they were actors…

But that line still sucked.

And here’s the inside during a peak moment:

So. Yeah. Crowds.

But all in all? All in all It was WAAAY more fun than I expected and I’ll be recruiting people to go again next year. My feet were killing me by Sunday; I don’t think I needed a four day pass. But one or two days, yes.

As for marketing and networking? I dunno. The environment is really more like being at an amusement park than anything else. Everyone is in their groups and is very set on getting to see the stuff they want to see, so it’s hard to strike up a conversation.

I think the panels are a better place for that, as are the various side parties in the city that surround the convention. I think next year I’d try to track down more of those.

But I did meet up with a few people and definitely got my ticket’s worth and, as I said a few weeks ago, there has to be a first convention at some point where I start to figure all of this out so it’s best to get that out of the way so I can get to my second convention.

Oh and this was there too:

See you next year!