New York Comic Con

supersonic xray cosplay eyes by shapeshift from FlickrNew York Comic Con starts tomorrow, and I am going.

That’s about all I got. I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to be doing there. I don’t know what other people do there. I haven’t actually double checked where “there” is.

But I’m going!

With business cards. And my camera. And my eyes. And my charming personality. And I’ve signed up for some other thing on Saturday but I don’t remember what because it was a month ago.

I’m absurdly nervous. This is a big unknown for me. I’ve never been to a convention, as weird as that is to say, and I’ve certainly never approached such a thing with the concept of networking in mind. I’m not really a “networking” person. I’m a “hang out in the back of the room” person.

But I’m going!

I should probably figure out when. And, again, where. And what I do for food and stuff. Probably should give some thought to shoes, I imagine I’ll be standing a lot. Or not. I have no idea. Maybe it’s like a Disney Land ride and there are moving sidewalks that take you through the history of comics?

I dunno.

But I’m going.

Next week I should have more to report.