I Wish It Would Snow

Frosty Footpath - winter snow by blmiers2 from FlickrThere’s a lot going on but the headline for this post is all I can concentrate on at the moment. This morning when I went out for coffee the clouds in the sky at the end of the street were that amazing shade of pink that only happens when it’s cold out. That’s nice and all but it’s almost Christmas and I want some freaking snow.

I also have to find a recipe for pecan pie that I can make in my parents’ kitchen, which is a landscape where the counters are always sparkling but things like salt can inextricably be missing and the non-stick pans are flaking off. It’s not exactly a kitchen for cooks.

I was going to discuss a set of ads I ran on Reddit today, but the ads started later than I expected, something I will no doubt discuss when I finally get my thoughts together to discuss advertising on Reddit.

For now I’m caught a little flat-footed with nothing to write about except the fact that I’m crazy excited to get some holiday cheer all up in this business.

Which is why it would be nice if *cough*IT WOULD SNOW*cough*.

But for now I’ll settle for anticipating seeing nieces and nephews and exchanging grab bag gifts and trying to make a pecan pie.