This Week’s Distraction

plump-lady community employment service by GraemeNicol from FlickrI wandered through the internet the other day until I found myself at Translation Party.

I know. Nothing screams “Party!” like translating things.

But this site makes use of the joy of internet driven translators. It asks you to enter in an English phrase to start, then it translates it back and forth from Chinese to English, over and over, until an equilibrium is found. I’m a little hazy on what “equilibrium” means to them, sometimes it will say no equilibrium can be reached even though there’s no more changes when it swaps from one language to the other.

No idea on that front.

But you always wind up with and interesting new spin on your boring old phrase. I enjoyed hopping on a few times during the week and feeding it famous movie quotes to see what it would spit out.

Below are some of my favorites.

Three movies:

“But something very specific skill sets. Retrieving a very long career skills. Nightmare is people skills.”

“Ah, I said friends in the dark. However, just dark; it will come.”

“However, it is a crazy little world these people Royal 3 bean Hill.”

And a tv show:

“It’s a hell of Slurpees.”

I love the internet.