Who Named This Storm Nemo?

I found Nemo by DaugaardDK from FlickrThis past Friday a massive snow storm hit the east coast. The name of this storm was Nemo. I am not the first person to note how ridiculous this name is, nor will I be the last, but come on. Who doesn’t think of a cartoon clownfish when they hear that name? I can’t even count how many photos I saw on Twitter of people shunning their Nemo stuffed animals because they were pissed at the storm.

Norman. There’s a good name for a winter storm. Creepy and subtle and hiding its dead mother in the attic. That’s got winter storm written all over it.

Anyway, I went out first thing Saturday morning with my camera and  my new tripod to try and grab some shots of the snowfall. Ironically the massive amount of snow meant that going into the park wasn’t going to happen, the cuffs of my jeans were frozen solid just by walking down the sidewalk, and most of that had been shoveled. Trekking into the ungroomed park? No.

Plus, this was my first tripod experience so I really was spending a lot of time figuring out what I had to unscrew where to make different things tilt. Ideally with a tripod I can shoot with a nice slow ISO and a high aperture value because I’ll have the stability needed to avoid blur due to the large time such shots will take. This should give me high detail and large depth of field. And, from what I can remember from high-school art class, the highest aperture setting should equal a depth of field of infinity.


I’m still tinkering.

Here are a few shots from Saturday. Click through for larger views.

Icicles 71st Street after Nemo
Central Park West facing North after Nemo

Central Park West facing south after Nemo