I Still Think It’s Monday

Prague Charles Bridge by Pedro Szekely on FlickrThis past Sunday I rode a trolley around the city, drank champagne, played skeeball, drank pickle backs, and lost my glasses.

I know, I know, it all sounds very glamorous from the outside, but really it was a lot of confusion and a mysterious amount of receipts in my pocket the next day. And also, no glasses.

But that’s how we celebrate birthdays in New York…apparently.

And then the Monday after we sit at our desk unable to form coherent thoughts or come up with blog posts.

But that’s okay, because I have the greatest blog post ever!

Except I wasn’t sure if I could write it.

See last May, as some of you might recall, I was contacted by a student at a film school in Prague who had read my short story Private Showing and wanted to film it for her final project.

Over the weekend she contacted me to say that the film was finished, as well as sharing a link where I could take a peek.

Watching that ten minute film was the strangest and most awesome thing ever. Frankly, it’s been awhile since I’ve looked over Private Showing, so it was like watching a movie someone made about my past but only a dream I had of the past? You know?

Whatever shut up. It was great and she did an amazing job.

However since the link she sent me was private (hehe the subject of  her email was “A private showing of Private Showing” which is very clever) I’m not sure if she wants it held under wraps for now or if she needs to wait until after class is over to share it or what.

Odds are it doesn’t matter but I wanted to make sure so I wrote her an email during my post-trolley-party hungover freak-out, but I haven’t heard back from her. So I’m waiting until post time for this blog in the hopes that she’ll respond and give me the all clear to share her film with you.

Which is an awesome blog post if it happens, otherwise it’s just…you know…well this.