Dead Tired of Traditional Horror Books

Who among us can really say whether we could face the same fears that we read about in a book? Well-written horror books can take a small piece of reality, and distort it in such an extremely believable way that we find ourselves shaking as we turn each page.  A good writer will offer an entertaining story; a great one will develop and flesh out the characters involved, allowing us to be taken along for the ride of their development.  Horror stories are especially frightening, as we all too often become attached to a particular individual; their eventual loss of life, in most stories, shocks us.

Do you have particular memories of a past event that keep recurring, or some sort of story that keeps playing in your head? You don’t have to be a Pulitzer winning author in order to give it a go; put your thoughts down on paper and write your own horror books and stories.  There is a new trend hitting the internet where the object is to write a terrifying story with just two sentences.  If you think that writing an entire horror novel is difficult, try getting a complete storyline completed with just two sentences!  It makes for a fun and interesting concept, and is a great way to take a nugget of an idea and whittle it into what would basically be a mini novel.


If you aspire to be a great horror writer, consider several quick points: first, remember that horror isn’t automatically blood and gore; some of the more terrifying things in the world, real or imagined, are of a spiritual and other-worldly nature.  Another aspect is to make sure that you develop a thoughtful storyline with some unexpected twists.  It can be sometimes be very easy to write yourself into a corner, so make sure to plan your story out, and have a vision of where you want it to end.  Finally, never ever give up! You could be close to having a major breakthrough if you give up too quickly, so push through and you will eventually have a story you can be proud of.