Some Short Stories to Read While Waiting for Book Three

bookshelf by Nicholas Noyes from FlickrThe third book of the Matthew and Epp series is being written at this very moment. I think most readers are aware of this fact. It is slow going currently, but it is going. And I am dedicated to making sure each book pops on its own, so I’m trying not to just poop out a third book to finish off the series. I also debate quite frequently if I need more than three books.

So that’s what’s going on there.

Meanwhile, someone pointed out to me the other day that I have one of the larger collections of short stories online that they were aware of, but that I never mention it.

Which is true; I sort of forget about my short stories. And yet the few readers that do unearth them in my archives tend to love what they read. So in this dead-zone between books I thought I’d brush off some of my shorter works and offer them up to you.

Perfect for your lunch break!

Let’s see…I’ve got “Black Eyed Susan,” a short story about love at the Jersey Shore. This story tends to be my go-to story when people ask if they can read something of mine. There are other stories that people have enjoyed more, but this one has general appeal and is as good an introduction to the stuff I like to do while telling stories as I can imagine. It is, as someone has said, my “pizza story.” Because everyone likes pizza.

One of my personal favorites is “Liquid Calling,” a conspiracy theory short story. I’ve never really done a “noir detective” type thing, and this isn’t quite that either, but it is definitely my take on such things. It was a fun, and ultimately successful, run at a story where an every-man stumbles onto a dangerous secret they never really wanted to know.

And, hey, what about short stories that have been made into movies? I still can’t believe I get to say this, but it just so happens that one of my short stories was made into a movie. I really need to pester Roma more to see if I can post her film here. I was able to take a sneak peek at it a few months ago and it was freaking awesome. I should go email her. But you can read the story while you’re waiting. Go check out “Private Showing” right now.

While we’re in the literary frame of mind, since most people have only read The Matthew and Epp books, and since that’s all I’ve been working on recently, I forget that I like to write straight literary stories as well. No undead samurai, no chase scenes, and no death at all. Crazy, right? A reader once emailed me after finishing “You’re Allowed to Order Takeout” and said that it was, simply, a perfect short story. That was one of my all-time favorite compliments.

Okay. I know I know. You want disgusting violence and weird-ass shit. Well I do have a quick horror short story in my library. And, if you’re a fan of Jonathan Coulton, I made a short story out of a song of his. That one is plenty weird.

And guess what? There are thirteen more of my short stories free to read online! So go check them out.



Book Three is going to take a bit.