Human Echoes Podcast Appearance

PodcastA few months ago, (a year ago?) I was interviewed by the Human Echoes Podcast. Since then the relationship between the HEP and Joseph Devon Industries has flourished and they opted to have me back on again for a second interview. The core of our discussion centers around Persistent Illusions, though we cover all the usual topics like Kate Upton and Hitler.

You can go have a listen here. I highly recommend it. Keep in mind that if you haven’t read Probability Angels yet, there are spoilers. Though if you haven’t read Probability Angels yet, I’m not sure why you’re here and you should go do that now.

But wait! There’s more!

While you’re over at the Human Echoes website, you might notice a page from last week discussing a new writing challenge that myself and Tony Southcotte are currently attempting. Tony’s first challenge to me is right here. My first challenge to Tony fired off yesterday. The game is on. Blood has been drawn. And my first short story in this challenge, a supernatural western, will be posted on tomorrow.

So basically go hang out on their site this week.

I have fiction to write.