Untitled Writing Challenge in the Theme of Thunderdome

Writing ChallengeBook three is still coming along. I can tell I’m making progress because I have so much more first-draft content that I don’t know what to do with than ever. That’s always a good sign. However, it’s still a while from being done and I’ve had the itch recently to put out more fresh fiction for your entertainment.

With that in mind a new project is being kicked off over at The Human Echoes page.

I’ve always been a fan of shows like Top Chef, competitions where contestants have to slog through weird challenges to test their mettle, and I’ve always wondered if it would be possible to have a competition of that sort for writers.

Well…this new project is not that. Not yet anyway. See we still really have no idea how such a “show” would work as of right now. I chat about that over here a bit.

But, myself and Tony Southcotte are willing to learn by doing, so we’ve started a sort of writers’ duel in the hopes of refining the “writing competition” idea further.

We will each be issuing writing challenges to the other in alternating sequence, demanding words from each other in a battle to the death.

Mano e Mano.

Grace verse Brawn.

Words against…other words.

(Death may or may not ensue. We haven’t worked that out yet. It probably won’t.)

We’re hoping to learn a bit about how a larger competition might work, get some eyeballs on our sites, and give our readers some new fiction.

Please visit the first challenge post, wherein Tony has thrown the gauntlet down, and please offer input, ideas of what you might want to see more of…a name for this whole thing, or whatever you have to offer.