Broken Computers and Building an Arena and Exploding Buses

Writing ArenaSo my computer has become borked…again. It’s nothing major but the old girl has been slowing down on me and a good part of earlier this week was spent trying to figure out why unexpected crashes were occurring. Sadly I think I may have to put my current processor out to pasture. Or into the pasture? I’m not entirely sure what type of interaction with a pasture is the good one in that metaphor.

Plus, I’ve been spending a lot of time getting an astoundingly small amount of work done on another project that is currently known as “The Writer’s Arena.” Or “The Untitled Writer’s Arena.” Or “That Thing I’m Working On With the Human Echoes Guys.”

No matter what we call it there is going to be an awesome writing competition coming soon to an internet near you. I’m very excited about this. We have a shared calendar and everything.

But it was, like, Tuesday before I realized that I needed a blog post for this week and I really hadn’t been jotting ideas down like I usually do because my idea bin was being used for arena ideas, so I sat down to crank out a blog post and drew a blank.

I’m not a huge fan of just writing crap for the sake of writing it and posting it here, and I gave some thought to not posting anything, but when I considered that I panicked. That would mean breaking up my schedule of blog posts. That would mean letting the bus slow down to below fifty miles an hour which would cause the bus to explode.

There may not be actual explosives on my bus, or a bus for that matter, but there is a freakishly strong need to keep to my scheduled posts for fear of vanishing forever into the internet graveyard.

So you get this. This wonderful post. Enjoy.