Saher Imran’s Art Is Amazing

I have received some more fan art from the wildly talented Saher Imran based on my books. Her latest work is of Gary and it is awesome. I mean everything she does is awesome, so that’s to be expected, but her Gary painting is different somehow. I think it is her creepiest work so far, possibly because this is her first crack at a bad guy (except for the random mindless hoards of rotting things that she enjoys creating).

Please click on the image for a larger version.

Gary from Persistent Illusions

For those of you who have forgotten, and because they’re all awesome, here are her other works.

There is Madeline.

Madeline Artwork by Saher Imran

And there is this, technically it is of Epp, but it captures so much more about the scene in the cathedral than just Epp alone. I have no other title though so, yeah, it’s Epp.


Epp from Probability Angels


Just amazing work.