Some Short Stories

FeverSo my brain is currently melting from a fever. Last night I was convinced that I was in charge of key political talks with China that were centered on me explaining how cool it was to be around when Pulp Fiction first came out.

On the one hand, yes it was pretty cool. Tarantino wasn’t a household name yet and Travolta was a has-been, so to go see that movie on opening weekend was an experience I will always treasure.

On the other hand, I doubt that diplomatic talks with China would be taking place over such a topic. Or that I’d be in charge of them. Or that they’d be held at my childhood home.

Which is to say I’ve been sick.

However, I’ve mentioned a few times on here a new project I’ve been working on that will pit authors against each other in battles to the death.

The first fly-by of this idea resulted in two stories that…well I wrote one so I can’t say too much about it. But my friend Albert Berg wrote the other and it is freaking amazing.

Please go check out my entry, Black Gold.

And Albert’s entry, Daisy Daisy.

The challenge was to write a paranormal western.

The happy coincidence of Albert posting a story at the same time as me has led us to pursue a more head-to-head competition, and the buzz we received from that day has led us to shut down the competition to retool and relaunch later because we think we’re really on to something.

But for now, go, read, enjoy.