26 Stories in 52 Weeks

On June 28th, 2007 I began publishing original short stories to this website with the goal of publishing a new short story every two weeks for an entire year.  The end result came to be known as “26 Stories in 52 Weeks” and it finished up in June of 2008.

Ten of those twenty six stories were combined separately to make up the book Probability Angels, one of the twenty six was the children’s story “Mindy and Barkley,” and the remaining stories were printed up in the collection 15 Stories.

All of the short stories are available to be read on this website.

Probability Angels as well as its sequel, Persistent Illusions have free samples available in a number of formats as well as links to purchase.

Below is the original project description that I wrote at the outset of this project:

The basic concept here is simple. On June 28th, 2007 I started writing short stories. The goal in mind is to publish one story every two-weeks for a year while blogging the entire time and letting you in on the process. This is a bold new concept breathtaking in its originality which I basically stole completely from a musician named Jonathan Coulton. Obviously I work in a different medium than Jonathan. He sings, I write. But apart from a few tweaks (time between finished products being a big one), I couldn’t get his idea out of my head. There was a wonderful element of pressure added to his project. Granted, I’ve written a couple of books and a number of short stories, and you always need some internal pressure to do that, a mental deadline to keep you after it. But I never publicly declared those deadlines. This is something very different. And, when you add to that the rather sped up timetable of a story every two weeks (I’m not sure I’ve ever written one in that period of time), well I dismissed the idea as insane at first but, like I said, I couldn’t get it out of my head. And on top of everything else I’ll be posting continuously to let you see behind the scenes. Even as I write this I’m wondering what on earth I’m getting myself into. But here we are.

Really I think that one year ago, or even six months ago, I would have rejected this project outright. It wouldn’t have been the right time for me. Recently I guess maybe I’ve become a little bored with taking my time while I write. I’m curious to see what comes out of me when I’m not allowed to take my time, when I’m forced to scramble. In the end I think that any hits in quality that my stories take will be offset by looking at this entire project as a whole. You know? Yeah, maybe I’ll be churning out stories about mutant crocodiles at some point just to meet the deadline, but the blog adds a different element and the community of readers I hope to cultivate adds another until, yes, looking only at the short stories might make things seem a trifle off, but when you step back and look at the entire landscape being wrought here…well I think it’ll be pretty neat. Mutant crocodiles and all.