Just for fun.

I appear to be getting a fever. This, naturally, is the absolute perfect time to get sick. I just looked at my Countdown Timer and was pretty freaked out to see I’m into the 3 day mark. This was really a pretty awful time to start this project. On the other hand, if I make this deadline, the next 25 should be cake. And I’m pretty sure I’ll make this deadline. I have only one more scene to write. The question, really, is how much rewriting I’ll get to do. Plus the story needs to sit once the first draft is done so I can get some distance before I rewrite. So I probably need to just finish this up tonight. Right now, though, I feel dizzy.


I drank way too much caffeine this morning. Granted, I wrote 3,500 words before eleven. But then I took a break to watch some Good Eats and my stomach is really hurting. Time to swap over to water for awhile.

At any rate, I’m currently trying to find a good song to write to. Some people I know don’t listen to music when they write, I have a hard time getting going without some. Once I get going what I’m listening to becomes irrelevant. I’ll pull away from my keyboard and look over my play-list and see that the last song I can actually remember hearing is five, ten, fifteen songs past. But to get going I like a little something. Also I think I need some distractions when I write. First draft anyway. Too much focus on what I’m doing and I wind up with writer’s block. It’s not always music, granted. There was a time when I’d put the movie Good Fellas on and let it play over and over again while I wrote.

At any rate, I’m currently sick of all of my music so I’m using Pandora to fulfill my musical needs. So I’m waiting for the right song before I start. There was a switch in the tone of this story right where I decided to take my break, so I figure I’d try and find the right mood, something new now that I’m going to pick it back up again in this new mood. Or maybe I’m procrastinating. This is starting to sound like bullshit so I’m probably procrastinating.

Liquid Calling now titled

I think I’ve settled on the title. Liquid Calling. I’m not sure. It’s close, I know that much. Close enough for me to slap her on there and see how she fits. I mentioned earlier that I don’t like using working titles. That doesn’t mean that I always stick to the first title that seems to fit, that means that I don’t force something into the title line just so I’ll have an easy way to refer to the story. In other words, Untitled is just fine for me until something better comes along.

Oh. Right.

I just remembered why this story takes place in winter. It’s a good thing I didn’t force it over into summer. Buildings in New York don’t have their radiators on during the summer.

Back at it.

Seven in the morning on Saturday and I’m back at it. I’d just like this to be noted.


Plowing ahead appears to be the right choice, although I need work on my time management skills so I don’t get caught like this again. And, while I thought I was giving myself a break by writing a story I had already let gel in my head, I didn’t remember how weird it can be to pick something up that’s easily two years old and try to write it. For example, for reasons I can’t remember, this story takes place in the dead of winter. It’s, like, eight million degrees out in the city. Trying to remember a bitter cold night in New York while you’re barely comfortable with the air conditioner on full blast is odd. Trying to take that feint memory you come up with and write it….I don’t know. I think you usually wind up overwriting something like this, so that synonyms for the word cold appear way too often. But you do what you can in the first draft and trim all you can in the second.

Stupid deadline.

I’m in no way feeling this. My mood, thoughts, everything is completely off for the story I had in mind to write. The question is, with six days left, most of which will be spent at my day job, do I completely swap out and try to figure out something to do with what’s currently in my head, or do I plow through and hope that my mood will eventually match up with the story I intended to write. I mean, if I had even one paragraph down in print then this wouldn’t be a question, but I don’t have anything down, it’s all up in the air right now. I think I plow through.

And here we are.

Yeah. So I’ve got an idea for a story. Okay, truthfully I had the idea for this story before I started this site. Fact is, the first few stories are going to be things that I’ve been kicking around for awhile but never got a chance to type up. It’s sort of impossible for me to stop stringing together stories in my head…or, you know, to stop walking up and down the street talking to myself while I string together stories. I just don’t always get a chance, or the urge, to type them up. At any rate, I won’t actually be truly coming up with truly new material until probably the third or fourth story. These first few sort of have their foundations lain. However, it’s important to note that I don’t actually have anything written yet for any of the stories that will appear on this site. I’ve just been, as I said, kicking them around internally.

At any rate, I’m a little unsure of how to start. Mainly because of my schedule. I don’t have a lot of time to spend at home due to the holidays and what have you. It’s become my opinion that the best way to write is a slow steady stream, a little bit each day, rather than trying to cram a ton in on one day and not getting back to it until days later when you try and cram again. But since I’m barely going to be at my computer over the next few weeks I’m not at all sure how I’m going to go about doing this. I should also add that it’s tough to have part on your home computer, part in a notepad somewhere, part in another notepad somewhere, etc. That doesn’t exactly work either. Only, this project isn’t about how I used to write, it’s about how I’ll have to write to meet this deadline. So I guess everything goes out the window and I forget all the rules I had and I just make sure the story gets done. Fair enough. Okay then.

Here we go…

Well, the site isn’t quite up to snuff yet, and over the course of the next two weeks I’ve got trips galore and a crunch of work and visiting family and all sorts of other fun stuff, so really the blog is going to be a bit spotty until the weekend after the 4th…but I’ve got to start doing this now. Thinking about doing this is starting to drive me a little crazy. There’s a fair and understandable amount of anxiety that’s is seeping into my life due to this project and I’m pretty sure that once I’m inside of it I won’t really have time to worry. Also, writing (like any number of things now that I think about it) can seem monstrous as a future endeavor when the reality is anything but. Basically the anticipation was causing undue amounts of fear, and the fear was coming close to becoming the reality instead of the project.

So here we go.