The Tell-Tale Something

First draft is done.  It’s…well it’s done.  And I’m a little perplexed about how I’m going to wrap this all up with one more story.  You might think that, since I’m the only one responsible for said wrapping up of said story, I might have some idea how that’s going to go.  You’d be wrong.

And I haven’t come up with a decent title.  I have the mouthful I posted about a few days ago, but at the very least I need to streamline that, or better yet I’ll ditch it entirely and wind up using something from the text itself. Yet no champions of title-ness have emerged.

Curious as always to hear the response for this one.   Maybe more curious than normal.

From poo into something like the opposite of poo…food, I guess

So this story turned itself around rather nicely over the course of the day.  There’s nothing like not writing to help the writing along.  It really does wonders.  Some obsessive part of my brain can’t help do anything but work out the problems in whatever story I’m writing.  And it does its best work when I’m not paying attention to it.

Its like when you can’t remember an actor’s name and you think really hard about it and get nowhere, but then, once you’re focused on something else, suddenly something in the back of your head goes, “Oh! The guy’s name was Lanky McGinty!”

It’s like that.

Not that there’s an actual actor with that name out there.

That was just an example.

Would be a great name, though.

Holy bacon fat it’s hot out

New York City is currently the temperature molten lava. Which is fun.

And the Belmont was this weekend. Which was not fun. Or rather it sounded like a lot of fun from the texts I got from all my friends who were there, but I wasn’t with them. My first year living in New York my cousin started talking about this Belmont thing and how we had to go and I didn’t know what on earth he was talking about but I went that first year and absolutely fell in love with the whole day. I’ve been every year since then except for once when I had to be out of town. It’s not that long of a streak, mind you. Seven years. But it means a lot that I stayed home to write this year instead of going to the Belmont.

And, oh, what amazing writing it is. This story has been whooping my ass up and down the block since it started and I’m nowhere near taming it. I have complete and utter faith that somehow, at one o’clock on Thursday afternoon, this story will post. But that’s only because it’s happened like that twenty four times in a row now.

If I didn’t have that as a reference point I’m not sure I’d keep chipping away at this pile of poo.

I wonder if Fitzgerald ever had moments like this.

I wonder if Fitzgerald ever used the word “poo.”

Well, I’m on MySpace now

I’m on Myspace now.  I just signed up the other day and haven’t done a thing with it yet.  Not that I know what one does with a Myspace page.  I have a Facebook page as well and all I’ve done with that is play some scrabble.

So…yeah.  If any of you are Myspace people feel free to add me or tag me or link me or what have you.  And over the next few weeks I’ll start figuring out my page and seeing what it allows me to offer you.

That’s what I really don’t understand.  I have a website, why do I need a Myspace page?  (Shut up, grandpa.)

Anyway, I’m wildly stressed about wrapping up Matthew and Epp and looking for things to occupy my mind so, yeah, Myspace.  Dig it.

Surely I can do better

I think I have a title for the next section.  But you’ll notice that, currently, the category name hasn’t been changed.

I try not to sound pompous when I write.  That’s one of my only rules.  I’ll have characters who are pompous, sure, but if my writing, the bits and pieces in between character observations and dialog and what have you, starts to get too over the top I always try and reign it in.  If I can say something using three simple words rather than twelve grandiose words, I shoot for three simple words.  Again, though, my characters are driving the tone a lot of the time and if they’re pompous then the writing will take a turn that way.

So, for that reason, I’m not so sure about this title.  I don’t believe in big artsy sounding titles.  In fact, looking over the list, I seem to like titles that invoke a touch of wordplay.  “Robin’s Flight” being one of my favorites.  This current title I’m thinking of, even though I like what it means for me, seems a bit too over the top for my liking.  It might stick though.

For those of you who are wondering and who like doing bits of side research on this stuff, here it is as it stands now (I can’t even write it without blushing):

“Where Sarpedon’s Body Lay”

Really.  That’s a bit much, no?

Don’t answer that

I went to buy some Gatorade type stuff to drink today and found myself craving a Vitamin Water. Vitamin Water (you can make their bottles waggle and bounce in a hypnotic line at their site) is bottled in all sorts of pretty colors and all the colors do different things for your body…supposedly. There’s “power” and “vital-t” and they’re all written in lowercase on the label and they give you a little blurb about how this one type of Vitamin Water will help you “power through an active day of whatever and something.” Only it’s sort of humorously written and for some reason I always fall for it.

Am I really that stupid?

I honestly sit there and think, “Gee, I really need some endurance today so I better drink some Peach-Mango Vitamin Water because it has ribose in it whatever the hell that is.” Which is annoying in a “I should probably be smarter than this” sort of way, but the baffling part is I’ll only look at what superpowers are being offered when I choose my drink. To the point of totally ignoring what flavor they happened to have added to their sugar water.

So I wound up drinking a green tea drink today because, hmm, I could use some rescuing and, as we all know, egcg is just the thing for that.

The problem?

I f#$%ng hate green tea.

It must be Monday

Man I have a lot of questions.  I opened up a rather large can of worms with that last story, plus two new characters showed up, plus I have no idea where one particular storyline is going.  The good news is that I only have two stories left to finish this up.  Ha.

Also I’ m still hungover.

I’d like to get moving on this story because this weekend is the Belmont Stakes here in New York and I’ve gone every year I’ve been living here and I love it and Big Brown might win the Triple Crown and I really need to be there.  It’s tradition.

I just need to somehow conjure up a second to last story by Friday that answers all the questions I have even though I don’t have the slightest idea where to start.

This is fun.

Weekend, hangover is thy name

Whoever invented brunch was one crazy bastard.  I’m not sure why it’s socially acceptable to get blotto at eleven in the morning on a Saturday just because you’re being served melon.  And of course once you’ve had a few then it turns into a drinking afternoon and then you’re in bed by nine o’clock at night because you can’t talk.

It was a fun Sunday.   I’m going to go try and finish my breakfast.

Can’t believe I have to write the second to last Matthew and Epp story now.  So weird.

Various problems

As usual, I have no idea how that last story turned out.  You need to fill me in.  From my perspective it was enjoyable to write, but that doesn’t mean much.  There was a lot of puzzling things out which came about because at the end of Part 7 all of my characters became equally clueless.  So a lot of Part 8 was watching them try to get a grip on what was happening.  Which was handy.  Because I needed to get a grip on what was happening.  I also enjoy watching people think.  And if that isn’t your thing then there’s always Kyo.

Sometimes I chuckle at how I, over the Matthew and Epp stories, have moved from an interesting philosophical standpoint sort of story into more of a zombie knife fight sort of story.  Good fun.

I now also can see how all of this might begin to start ending, which is a good feeling.  At times it feels like things are just going to keep escalating and never wind down.  I seem to like throwing curve balls at myself.

On the other end of things, my blogging program has decided that it will occasionally erase all of my pages (the things along the bottom of the green bar up top) and turn them into posts from last October instead.   So there’s that.

More Matthew and Epp on the way.

Tell a friend.