Two Heads Are Better Than None

As the autumn continues on, the latest hit television shows are enrapturing millions of Americans as we speak.  Without a doubt, The Walking Dead has the largest audience in the cable industry, and it is no small wonder: the public is always ready to watch and read anything zombie and apocalypse-related.  Many of the best urban fiction books are geared towards these topics, and there truly is an undeniable appeal towards these quality stories; why is it that we are so obsessed with the undead as a society?

As a nation, I think it is fair to say that we have a distinct tendency to desire chaos, drama and entertain our senses to the max.  In a way, we have become desensitized to most forms of violence; do you think that the movie ratings or video game ratings mean anything at all any longer? The reality is that the thrill of an engaging story, especially when geared towards a topic such as zombies, truly makes the mind spin.  Questions arise, such as whether this could happen in real life; most individuals undoubtedly have a secret desire that the undead would arise, giving them plenty of opportunity to take out their anger and despair on hordes of targets.




Violence is just one piece of the puzzle, however.  If you went to see a movie and all it offered was action and violence, yet no storyline, most would feel that it was somewhat lacking.  The same can be said for novels and stories; violence within a story can be gripping, but the overall premise should have solid character development and a story that makes you want to re-read it over and over.


Two heads are better than none: rather than endless decapitated villains and creatures, the concept should focus on you, the reader, having a connection with the main character.  As we approach Halloween, keep this in mind when looking for new and exciting fiction novels to read!

This Week’s Distraction

plump-lady community employment service by GraemeNicol from FlickrI wandered through the internet the other day until I found myself at Translation Party.

I know. Nothing screams “Party!” like translating things.

But this site makes use of the joy of internet driven translators. It asks you to enter in an English phrase to start, then it translates it back and forth from Chinese to English, over and over, until an equilibrium is found. I’m a little hazy on what “equilibrium” means to them, sometimes it will say no equilibrium can be reached even though there’s no more changes when it swaps from one language to the other.

No idea on that front.

But you always wind up with and interesting new spin on your boring old phrase. I enjoyed hopping on a few times during the week and feeding it famous movie quotes to see what it would spit out.

Below are some of my favorites.

Three movies:

“But something very specific skill sets. Retrieving a very long career skills. Nightmare is people skills.”

“Ah, I said friends in the dark. However, just dark; it will come.”

“However, it is a crazy little world these people Royal 3 bean Hill.”

And a tv show:

“It’s a hell of Slurpees.”

I love the internet.


Things in My Brain This Week

Here’s what has been going on in my head this week.

Books: I just started reading Anna Kerenina. So many Ns. I’m loving it so far though I’m only 4% through according to my Kindle. I’ve been on a non-fiction kick for my last few books so I’m enjoying being back in the world of fiction. I also am coming around to Russian literature a lot more recently. I was not a fan, to put it mildly, a few years back. Plus, as with most older books, there’s a nice relaxed pace about the writing. I don’t feel like the author is freaking out about whether or not he’ll go viral or make a book club or anything. He just talks about oysters and cabbage. I have no idea what the plot is, but there are some love triangles forming. Also, someone has been crushed by a train…which I think has to happen in every Russian novel.

Movies: God I’ve watched crap. I sat through Congo the other night. This used to be a favorite “so bad it’s good movie” in an old apartment of mine. It was nice to reminisce. It has not improved with age. It’s still fucking awful. And I loved it. While working out I tried to watch Last Man Standing with Bruce Willis but turned it off after my thirty minutes of cardio and never went back. Slapstick action with lazy characters and a plot that was a remake of Clint’s old spaghetti westerns but awful.

TV: Pretty much nothing. I’ve watched some DVR’d episodes of Restaurant Impossible and Wipeout. So that’s some real high-brow stuff there.

And here are the random things that have lodged in my brain from the Internet this week.

There’s this amazing ad for pet adoption:

This Hungry Hungry Jetway:




And this, from a long time ago above Teddy Roosevelt’s fireplace far far away: