Are you interested in contacting Joseph Devon? Of course you are! As the author of our favorite urban fantasy books, there’s a lot to tell him. Message him to discuss ideas or to simply praise his excellent work. You could also go with the social media route and follow him on Twitter as well as like his Facebook page. Want to message him on Skype? Go ahead. Find the details below and enjoy contacting Joseph Devon.

I love receiving e-mail. Love it love it love it. And, barring me tossing everything and running off to some island somewhere, I answer all of it.

You can write me at:

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I’m at my desk a lot and am often signed in to my Skype account if you feel like distracting me:

Likewise my email runs through gmail so if you’re on gmail I think you can shoot me a chat at  I think.

Technically you can see me on MySpace…but all that’s there is a static page telling you to come back here and use another social networking site.  Because I F*&%#NG hate MySpace.

Finally there’s the mailing list.  You can sign up for that and get an email about once a month keeping you updated on new contests, new fiction, things like that.

See you in the funny papers.