The Great Typo Hunt


This is an ongoing contest with no end.  The basic premise is that I hate typos and I think you, my readers, are the best tool in the world for getting rid of them.

Basically, anyone who finds a typo in one of my fictional works will win either a signed copy of the Joseph Devon work of their choosing or a $5 Amazon gift card.

To enter email me at

Here are some rules:

  • Only works of fiction qualify for this contest.  Only typos found in my short stories or books count. Typos in website exclusive content, including blog posts and pages, do not count towards this contest.
  • The Letter is currently not eligible, once I switch that over to my current publisher it will be a part of this contest but for now it’s not.
  • First come first serve.
  • I have final say on what a typo is.  I don’t really care about grammar so don’t come to me with dangling modifiers.  “Its a wonderful life,” contains a typo.  That should be “It’s a wonderful life.”  “Where’s the bread at?” is not a typo even though you technically shouldn’t end a sentence with a preposition.  If you’re not sure go ahead and email me.  I like chatting about this stuff anyway.
  • The typo you find has to exist in the most current master copy which exists on my hard drive.  Which is to say if you’re reading an old edition and you find a typo that someone else has already told me about and I’ve corrected it, then that doesn’t count.  I’ll put through all corrections near immediately on the website, but it takes a little longer to put them through in bound editions.  My work is out there at this point in so many forms that I can’t possibly push corrections through on all of them.  So only typos found in authorized content counts.  Basically if your typo exists in the version currently up on my website then you’ve probably got yourself a winner.  If it’s already been corrected then it’s already been corrected.