How Can I Help?

If you’re interested in helping out your favorite author, here are a few ways. Support is very welcomed and appreciated. So, get starting today!

Word of Mouth

Stop right now. Look around this page. There are links at the bottom of every post and page with ways to share. And running along the bottom, in some browsers, is a pop-up bar with similar links. So go to your favorite book’s page and use them. Share me with everyone you know. Whether you want to tell everyone about how much you enjoyed Probability Angels, Persistent Illusions, The Letter, or 15 Stories, you’ll be a gigantic help.


Book Reviews

Reviews on Amazon are very important. Even if you only click some stars and write, “I really enjoyed this book, looking for more!” Trust me, it helps. It helps others decide to take a chance on me and it helps Amazon recommend my book to others. Again, click some stars and write a line or two. That’s all you need to do.

Add a Joseph Devon Signature to the End of Your Emails

Really a die hard fan?  Just copy and paste the snippet below onto your email signature and help spread the word while emailing your friends and family.

Let’s face it, you weren’t using your signature for anything anyway, were you?

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