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Welcome to author Joseph Devons webpage, where you can discover the latest updates and information on his urban fantasy books, short stories, blog posts, and much more. You can even browse his helpful notes on his writing page to gain some insight for your own projects, from one writer to another. Read his fascinating musings on zombies, the art of writing, and even his own holiday guides to living in New York.

I Sound A Bit Hipster Here

Top Hat for Some Reason

I don't have very much to say this week. I'm in a top-brain sort of mood. That's what I call it when my brain refuses to function on a creative level and instead adopts a distant thoughtfulness about everything. As if I exist only to process the Read more

Zombies, Genre, and Marketing

Zombies, Genre, and Marketing

The Walking Dead returned to TV this past Sunday and I have found myself with zombies on the brain yet again. Actually, it's not zombies I've been thinking about, it's how a zombie is defined and what genres you can fit them into. A few months Read more

Writing Poorly on Purpose

Writing Wrong on Purpose

Most writers I know spend a lot of time worrying about the quality of their work. Will it resonate with readers? Does it get across the proper emotions? Is it as good as other writing I've read? However, a possible new character in my current Read more

The Trappings of Power and How to Write It

Power and Intrigue

Power. Its trappings ruin people, love of it corrupts them, attempts to seize it destroy them. And yet I don't seem capable of writing about it without sounding like a moron. The undead characters in my current urban fantasy series have a Read more

I, Robot Voyeur


Late last week my computer began to have some major malfunctions. I would turn it on and it would tell me that it had to configure the latest Windows updates and to wait. Then it would tell me that it had to restart to let the updates go through. Read more

In Which I Freak Out a Bit

Writing a Book is Crazy

I've written a lot about writing on here. And I've written a lot about the dangers of holding too fast to one type of writing. Now, in general, I do think that a slow and steady stream of words is the best way to go. Writing every day, for a moderate Read more

Zombies and the Undead Throughout History

A Brief History of Zombies

When writing books about zombies and stories containing all kinds of monsters, I often find it valuable to go back and read about the original forms of the creatures I've become obsessed with. Too often I find myself wanting to write a zombie just by Read more

New Year; Old Thoughts

Sunset on the old year

I'm not entirely sure what to write here. A pause to reflect upon the holiday season and the start of a new year seems in order. Although something overly sentimental and corny sounding that's really mostly filler also seems in order. It is Read more

Balance in Writing

Balance in Writing

I'm sitting here in my apartment and I've got balance on my mind. This is partly to do with my current project of writing an Urban Fantasy series, and partly to do with the temperature in my building. See, in New York, most apartments take Read more

My Holiday Guide to New York

Urban Fantasy Author Joseph Devon's Guide to the Holidays in New York

Hi all. You know me as the author of some of your favorite urban fantasy books (available now for your holiday shopping!). But I am also one of the seven stewards of the city of New York, a title I just made up five minutes ago. This title Read more