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Welcome to author Joseph Devons webpage, where you can discover the latest updates and information on his urban fantasy books, short stories, blog posts, and much more. You can even browse his helpful notes on his writing page to gain some insight for your own projects, from one writer to another. Read his fascinating musings on zombies, the art of writing, and even his own holiday guides to living in New York.

The Five Why’s of Writing

Writing Tips

This week I've decided to trot out one of my favorite writing tools that I use whenever I find myself stuck while writing a book. This tool originated in Japan in the 1930's, but it's been on my mind recently for other reasons entirely. A few Read more

Cargo Cult Writing

Cargo Cult Writing

I had a shakeup recently due to some personal stuff and I broke the gigantic writing streak I had going. I skipped writing for a number of days and lost my discipline in a number of other habits that I have been cultivating. I was amazed to find, Read more

Top Reasons Why We Love Zombies


Let's face it: as a culture, we are obsessed with the undead.  From top zombie books to current popular television shows, the nation almost seems to dream of a time where we can run free in a collapsed society.  Let's take a look at some potential Read more

My Short Story Made Into a Movie

Short Story Turned into a Film

I've mentioned this a number of times on here, but my short story "Private Showing" was turned into a movie by a film student in Prague. The students name was Roma Raju, and she wanted to create a film version of my short story for her final project Read more

What Makes a Zombie Book?


What makes a book a zombie book? What defines a zombie? I find myself asking these questions the further I get into book three. When I first started turning the Matthew and Epp stories into a book, I didn't give much thought to how I might Read more

A NaNoWriMo Rewrite of The Raven

Raven Squawk by Doug Brown from Flickr

November, for many somewhat crazy people out there, is National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. During this event hundreds of thousands of people pledge to write a novel in a single month. This never fails to amaze me and I always try Read more

In Which I Am Yet Again Amazed at How the Internet has Changed How I Do Research

Rome 2012 by Matthew Perry from Flickr

Writing urban fantasy books requires, as I have mentioned numerous times, bouts of extreme research. Earlier this year I was plowing through books about Romania. They were boring. They were at the same time fascinating. Research is like that. You Read more

Two Heads Are Better Than None

Two Heads Thumb-002

As the autumn continues on, the latest hit television shows are enrapturing millions of Americans as we speak.  Without a doubt, The Walking Dead has the largest audience in the cable industry, and it is no small wonder: the public is always ready to Read more

Middle of the First Draft Blues

680 Yards of Humps by Alan from Flickr

The process of writing a book contains, beyond a doubt, the single largest hump of anything I have ever done. And by "hump" I mean "middle section that seems like an absurdly impossible climb." I would imagine that lifelong disciplines might have Read more

Some Short Stories to Read While Waiting for Book Three

bookshelf by Nicholas Noyes from Flickr

The third book of the Matthew and Epp series is being written at this very moment. I think most readers are aware of this fact. It is slow going currently, but it is going. And I am dedicated to making sure each book pops on its own, so I'm trying Read more