Top Reasons Why We Love Zombies

Let’s face it: as a culture, we are obsessed with the undead.  From top zombie books to current popular television shows, the nation almost seems to dream of a time where we can run free in a collapsed society.  Let’s take a look at some potential reasons for their popularity, and the impact it has on both written and visual media.


Reason #1: We Love the Idea of No Laws

In a world where there is basically no ruling government, the law of the land is in the hands of those who have the most power.  Being able to kill or destroy zombies appeals to us on several levels.  Taking our anger and frustration out on walking, yet unfeeling physical forms can be an excellent therapeutic method, and since they really aren’t living people at that point, the idea intrigues us.

Reason #2: It Brings Out the Best (and Worst) Qualities in Us

When faced with life and death decisions, the true nature of a person will often reveal itself.  Are you selfish and focused on your own survival?  Are you caring and looking to help fight, rebuild, care and protect?  Whether it’s a zombie apocalypse or facing a terrifying creature of unknown origins, the situation always offers questions regarding morality, truth and survival.

Reason #3: We Like Being Frightened

Having one’s emotions and fears manipulated is one of the sole reasons why books, television and theatre exists: it changes our perspectives on life.  We like to be afraid, we like thrills, we love to experience different emotions.  Zombies have that effect on is and continue to do so even decades after they were first brought into existence.

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