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Welcome to author Joseph Devons webpage, where you can discover the latest updates and information on his urban fantasy books, short stories, blog posts, and much more. You can even browse his helpful notes on his writing page to gain some insight for your own projects, from one writer to another. Read his fascinating musings on zombies, the art of writing, and even his own holiday guides to living in New York.

Broken Computers and Building an Arena and Exploding Buses

Writing Arena

So my computer has become borked...again. It's nothing major but the old girl has been slowing down on me and a good part of earlier this week was spent trying to figure out why unexpected crashes were occurring. Sadly I think I may have to put my current processor out to pasture. Or into the pasture? I'm not entirely sure Read more

Writing Like a Baseball Pitcher

Baseball Pitcher

Baseball season is underway and the other night I found myself thinking about pitching and how similar it is to writing. I don't have a huge store of knowledge about pitching, but I've heard enough announcers discuss enough guys on the mound to have some idea of what it's all about. And the things that make up a good Read more

Some Short Stories


So my brain is currently melting from a fever. Last night I was convinced that I was in charge of key political talks with China that were centered on me explaining how cool it was to be around when Pulp Fiction first came out. On the one hand, yes it was pretty cool. Tarantino wasn't a household name yet and Travolta Read more

Writing Tip: A Bird’s Eye View

Birds Eye View

The manuscript I'm currently writing is a bit of a mess. I have a lot of story and not a very clear notion of how it all fits together. This also means that I have a lot of scenes. I'm not entirely sure how they fit together either. And I am not referring to some overall sense of the book at large. I'm talking about a Read more

Human Echoes Podcast Appearance


A few months ago, (a year ago?) I was interviewed by the Human Echoes Podcast. Since then the relationship between the HEP and Joseph Devon Industries has flourished and they opted to have me back on again for a second interview. The core of our discussion centers around Persistent Illusions, though we cover all the usual Read more

Untitled Writing Challenge in the Theme of Thunderdome

Writing Challenge

Book three is still coming along. I can tell I'm making progress because I have so much more first-draft content that I don't know what to do with than ever. That's always a good sign. However, it's still a while from being done and I've had the itch recently to put out more fresh fiction for your entertainment. With Read more

Thoughts On Building a Publishing Machine

Writing Maching

I've been spending a lot of time at various forums for self-publishers recently. They are a wellspring of good advice and the success that a lot of these authors have achieved is both impressive and inspiring. They almost make it seem easy. One post over at the Kindle Boards discusses the process of using a mailing Read more

I Sound A Bit Hipster Here

Top Hat for Some Reason

I don't have very much to say this week. I'm in a top-brain sort of mood. That's what I call it when my brain refuses to function on a creative level and instead adopts a distant thoughtfulness about everything. As if I exist only to process the parts of the world I happen to encounter and then file it away Read more

Zombies, Genre, and Marketing

Zombies, Genre, and Marketing

The Walking Dead returned to TV this past Sunday and I have found myself with zombies on the brain yet again. Actually, it's not zombies I've been thinking about, it's how a zombie is defined and what genres you can fit them into. A few months ago I brought in some outside help to do a little marketing for me, and Read more

Writing Poorly on Purpose

Writing Wrong on Purpose

Most writers I know spend a lot of time worrying about the quality of their work. Will it resonate with readers? Does it get across the proper emotions? Is it as good as other writing I've read? However, a possible new character in my current urban fantasy series has reminded me of a writing exercise that takes the Read more