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New York Times Bestselling Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author

About Joseph Devon

Joseph Devon uses dry wit and an endless imagination to balance his life with bi-polar disorder while living in Manhattan and daydreaming of a life where his shoes stay tied. He is the author of Probability Angels, Persistent Illusions, and The Letter if books are your things. His commitment to short stories as an artform is shown by his creation of The Writer’s Arena, and that one year where he wrote a short story every two weeks. 

The Full Backstory

Born in New Jersey, Joseph Devon is the author of The Letter, Probability Angels, and Persistent Illusions. His work spans genres from horror to literature to magical realism. His dedication to short stories as an artform is shown by his publication in Lynx Eye Magazine, Lullwater Review, and many others. Perhaps more telling then those are the projects he has produced using the magic of the world wide web as his favorite tool. 26 Stories in 52 Weeks and The Writers’ Arena.

His degree in Literature and Creative Writing from Emory University is second to his time spent working summers at his family’s scrapyard in Newark. Both were miserable experiences for different reasons. Though nothing is fun when you are an undiagnosed bipolar teenager. Growing up in the shade of hydraulic shears and overhead crane and a two-story machine that pulverized cars was one type of education, the classrooms or Emory University were another. 

Though neither one really spoke to him so he found himself studying any he could get his hands on from Zen Buddhism to The Cartoon Network in order to find small islands of peace and respite. These islands allow Joseph Devon to happily move from genre to genre, holding up old ideas in a new light for himself and his readers as he struggles to mine deeper meaning from everything.